Lee Min Ho Profile 2017

Lee Min Ho (이민호) (李敏鎬) is a South Korean actor and model under MYM Ent.


Name: Lee Min Ho (이민호)
Birth Date: June 22, 1987
Birth Place: Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @actorleeminho
Facebook: OfficialLeeMinho

L E E  M I N  H O  F A C T S
-He realized that speaking English is important when he opened a Facebook and Twitter account.
-He is a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, the reason why he dreamed to be an actor.
-Top 20 Hottest South Korean Male Celebrities (CNN)
-He likes to go bowling and play games whenever he hang out with his friends.
-He had trouble with breath control while he was recording for his album.
-He has the habit of talking while sleeping.
-He is not a strong drinker. He can only tolerate drinking 2 glasses of alcohol and 4 beer cup of soju.
-When he was a child, he aspired to become a soccer player but an injury during his elementary school days forced him to give up that dream.
-He’s current girlfriend is the popular actress and singer, Bae Suzy.


Bounty Hunters (2016)
– Yi-San
Gangnam Blues (Gangnam 1970) – 2015
– Kim Jong-Dae
Our School’s E.T. (Woolhakgyo ET) – 2008
– Oh Sang-Hoon
Public Enemy Returns (Kang Cheol-joong: Public Enemy 1-1) – 2008
– Jung Ha-Yeon


The Legend of the Blue Sea (Pooreun Badaui Junsul) – 2016 (SBS)
– Heo Joon-Jae / Dam Ryung
The Heirs (Sangsokjadeul) – 2013 (SBS)
– Kim Tan
Faith (Shinui) – 2012 (SBS)
– General Choi Young
City Hunter (Siti Hyunteo) – 2011 (SBS)
– Lee Yun-Seong
Personal Taste (Gaeinui Chwihyang) – 2010 (MBC)
– Jeon Jin-Ho
Boys Over Flowers – 2009 (KBS2)
– Koo Jun-Pyo
But I Don’t Know too – 2008 (MBC)
– Min Wook Gi
I am Sam (Ayi em saem) – 2007 (KBS2)
– Heo Mo-Se
Mackerel Run (Dalryeora Godeungeo) – 2007 (SBS)
– Cha Gong-Chan
Secret Campus (Bimilui Kyojeong) – 2006 (EBS)
– Park Doo Hyun
Recipe of Love – 2005 (MBC)
Sharp 1 – 2003 (KBS2)
Romance (Romangseu) – 2002 (MBC)


2015 (36th) Blue Dragon Film Awards – November 26, 2015
– Popularity Award
2015 (52nd) Daejong Film Awards – November 20, 2015
– Best New Actor (“Gangnam Blues”)
2015 (51st) PaekSang Arts Awards – May 26, 2015
– Most Popular Actor (“Gangnam Blues”)
2013 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2013
– Best Actor (drama special) (“The Heirs”)
– Ten Star Award (“The Heirs”)
– Best Netizen Award (“The Heirs”)
– Best Dressed Award (“The Heirs”)
– Best Couple Award (“The Heirs”)
12th China Fashion Awards – January 18, 2013
-“Best Popular Asian Actor Award”
2012 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2012
– Best Actor (mini series) (“Faith”)
– Ten Star Award (“Faith”)
2011 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2011
– Best Actor (drama special) (“City Hunter”)
– Best Netizen Award (“City Hunter”)
– Ten Star Award (“City Hunter”)

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NOTE: Please don’t transmit, or copy this without my consent or credits. I did my research for this and I hope you’ll give me credits for my effort.


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