Lee Ye Jin (Ailee) Profile 2017


Lee Ye Jin also known as Ailee is a American-Korean singer debuted on February 9, 2012 under YMC Entertainment.

Stage Name: Ailee
Korean Name: Lee Ye Jin
English Name: Amy Lee
Nicknames: Korean Beyonce
Birth Date: May 30, 1989
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, USA
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Singing, cooking, using facebook
Instagram: @aileeonline
Twitter: @itzailee

-Her fans are called, “Aileeans”
-Her favorite color is pink.
-She is a Christian.
-She has a younger brother.
-She can play the piano, flute and drums.
-She can speak in Korean, English and Japanese.
-She studied at Pace University, major in Communications.
-She debuted in South Korea with ‘Heaven’ on February 9, 2012.
-Ailee made her official debut in America on January 7, 2017, under a new stage name, A.Leean, with the single “Fall Back“.
-Before debuting, she had two Youtube accounts named, “mzamyx3” and “aileemusic”
-She acted in KBS high school musical drama, “Dream High 2”
-She can reach very high notes.
-She can sing in live performances.
-During her performance in KCON New York 2016,  her music stopped, so she continued and sang it live, without any music. (Check the video below.)
-She and f(x)’s Amber are best friends.
-She is known as Korean Beyonce.
-She dreams to build her own school.
-Ailee’s type:

“I like generous people with a good sense of humor. I also values fitness and health and would I like someone who values them too.”

Watch out for Ailee in KCON 2016 in New York!

Ailee’s Full Song List (Official – Covers – Performances)

A’s Doll House EP
* U&I
* No No No
* Rainy Day
* How Could You Do This To Me
* Scandal
* I’ll Be Okay

12:00 (The Koxx & Ailee)
– 120628 Mnet 20s Choice Awards
4Minutes (Niel & Ailee)
– 131231 MBC Gayo Daejejeon
8282 (Short)
– 121223 1000 Songs Challenge
– 140201 MBC Music Trip Yesterday
– 140205 JTBC The Great Marriage Ep. 8
– 141231 MBC Gayo Daejejeon
Ah the Good Old Days
130509 M!Countdown
All I Want For Christmas (Ending Artists)(Short)
121221 KBS Music Bank
Aquarela do Brasil
– 140618 KBS Music Bank in Brazil
Beautiful Farewell
– 151009 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
– 150524 MBC King of Masked Singer
Cheated On (Ailee, Park Myungsoo & Baro)(Short)
121231 MBC Gayo Daejun
Crazy In Love
Crayon (Short)
– 121117 KBS YHY Sketchbook
Donde Voy
– 141112 KBS Music Bank in Mexico
Empire State of Mind (Baechigi & Ailee)
120424 MBC Beautiful Concert
Each Night, Every Night (Short)
110913 MBC Singer and Trainee
For You
– 150524 MBC King of Masked Singer
Girl On Fire (Short)
121117 KBS YHY Sketchbook
Girls Generation (Short)
– 140201 SBS Star King
– 110913 MBC Singer and Trainee
– 121228 KBS Gayo Daejun
Heal The World (Ailee, Patti Kim, Jung Hoon-Hee & Jang Hye Jin)
121020 JTBC Patti Kim Show
Hey Mr. Big
– 120424 MBC Beautiful Concert
Hot Stuff (Ailee & Sonya)
120909 KBS Open Concert
I’m Handsome (Ailee & YB)
– 140901 MBC Infinite Dream Concert
I Gotta Feeling (Ailee, Seungho, Hongki & Doojoon)
– 130913 KBS Music Bank
I Have Nothing
– 120513 KBS Concert 7080
I Love It
– 131231 MBC Gayo Daejejeon
I Was Here
130201 KBS YHY Sketchbook
* I Will Survive
130901 KBS Open Concert
I Will Survive (w/ Eunji, Luna & Solar)
– 151228 SBS Gayo Daejun
If I Ain’t Got You
– 121020 JTBC Patti Kim Show
121126 MBC Beatles Code
121210 MBC Beautiful Concert (feat. Lang Lang)
Just Dance (Short)
– 121228 KBS Gayo Daejun
Let It Go
– 140117 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
Like Being Hit By A Bullet
130517 KBS Music Bank
Lonely (Short)
– 120301 SBS-R Cultwo Show
Love High (DH2)
Love On Top
120714 KBS YHY Sketchbook
Love Will Show You Everything
130816 DMZ Peace Concert
130822 Beyond K-Pop Live Concert Series
Music Is My Life (Short)
– 121223 1000 Songs Challenge
My Melody (Ailee, Shin Sung Hoon, Lim Kim & Huh Gak)
– 131114 MelOn Music Awards
On Rainy Days
120408 SBS You & I
One Candle (DH2)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Ailee & IS2 Singers)
121222 KBS Entertainment Awards
One Love Forgotten With Another Love
– 140723 Mnet Singer Game
One Night Only
– 120226 Arirang TV Wave K
– 120301 SBS-R Cultwo Show
People Are More Beautiful Than Flowers (w/ Kim Tae Woo)
– 151005 MBC Arirang Festival
Prince of the Sea (Ailee, Park Myungsoo & Baro)(Short)
– 121231 MBC Gayo Daejun
Ring My Bell (Dynamic Duo & Ailee)
120815 DMZ Peace Concert
Romeo & Juliet (Ailee & Shin Sung Hoon)
– 131114 MelOn Music Awards
Someone Like You
130719 KBS YHY Sketchbook
Stand Up For Love
120313 MBC Beautiful Concert
Summer Night (Ailee & Jr) (DH2)
Telephone (Ailee & Hyorin)
– 131227 KBS Gayo Daechukje
The Blue In You (w/ Kim Yook Jong Hwan)
– 150517 MBC King of Masked Singer
The Greatest Love of All
– 120303 KBS YHY Sketchbook
– 130322 JTBC Miracle Korea
This Ain’t It
– 141010 KBS YHY Sketchbook
Though I Loved You
130615 Kim Kwang Seok Tribute Concert
Top Girl (Ailee & Hyorin)(Short) (DH2)
130120 Golden Disk Awards
Upset Stomach (Ailee, Park Myungsoo & Baro)(Short)
– 121231 MBC Gayo Daejun
Uptown Funk (Ailee & Amber)
– 150307 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
Üsküdar’a Gider İken
130913 KBS Music Bank
We Are One
– 140618 KBS Music Bank in Brazil
With You (Monni & Ailee)
– 120628 Mnet 20s Choice Awards
Worth It
– 160114 Seoul Music Awards
You Make Me Feel Up And Down (Daybreak & Ailee)
– 120628 Mnet 20s Choice Awards
You Raise Me Up (Ailee & Huh Gak)
121214 MelOn Music Awards

* A Real Man (w/ Swings)
* Almost Paradise (w/ Eric Benet)
* Baby It’s Cold Outside (w/ Sung Si Kyung)
* Kiss (w/ Wheesung)
* Like Nobody Knows (w/ Cheetah)

* Be Strong – MC Mong
* Highlight – Eru
* Hueng Hai – Gaeko
* I Forgot You – Joosuc
* If It Ain’t Love – Verbal Jint
* Love Again – 2BiC
* Love Hurts – Pro C
* Music – Wheesung
* OJ – Wheesung
* Racing Queen – Mighty Mouth
* Shower of Tears – Baechigi
Secret Love – B.A.P
* They Are Coming – Wheesung
* Wash Away – Geeks

* Heaven
Heaven (Rock Ver.) (Short)
 120628 Mnet 20s Choice Awards

Heaven EP
* Heaven (Japanese Version)
* Starlight

Immortal Songs 2
Light and Shadow
Spring Rain
Besame Mucho
My Second Hometown
* Lonely Lover
* What Should I Do
* Don’t Leave Me (ft. Shorry J)
* What Am I Supposed To Do
* Busy
* Like A Night On Saturday
* Morning Dew
* Fate
* I Hate Hatred
* 3! 4! (ft. Shin Bora)
* A Night’s Dream
* Rose
* My Heart Towards You
* The Dance In Rhythm
My Dear
* Heeya
Empty Glass
Your Smile In My Memory
The Love That Hurts So Much Is Not Love
Wet Firewood
I Will Always Love You
Let’s Go On A Trip
Georgia On My Mind
* 이젠 가슴 아픈 말 하지 말아요

Invitation EP
* I Will Show You
* Into the Storm (ft. Verbal Jint)
* Evening Sky
* My Love (ft. Swings)
* Shut Up (ft. Simon D)

Magazine EP
*Don’t Touch Me
*Crazy (ft. Dynamic Duo)
*Goodbye Now
*Sudden Illness

* Love Note
* Superstar (Ailee, Hyorin & Jiyeon)
* Ice Flower
* Tears Stole the Heart
* Day By Day
* Goodbye My Love
* So I Love You
* Because I Love You

* Christmas Wish
* My Grown Up Christmas List
* Scent of a Woman
* Higher
* Singing Got Better
* Fighting Spirit
* I’m In Love
* Sakura
* The Day We Meet (Various Artists)
* Johnny

1000 Words
* Catch Me If You Can (Decipher ft. Ailee)
* Catch Me If You Can Remix (Decipher ft. Ailee, Jay Park, J.Reyez, DFD, Flowsik, Chan & Johnnyphlo)
* Destiny (Shogunna ft. Ailee)
Father’s Heart
Freakin’ Perfect (Short)
* Girl From Around the Way (Decipher ft. Ailee)
* I’d Rather Have Jesus
* Jealousy (ft. Decipher)
* Let It Go (Decipher ft. Ailee)
* Let Me Be Your Girl
* Life or Death (LS ft. Ailee)
My Boo (Ailee & Wheesung)
No One
* Nobody Remix (Decipher & Johnnyphlo ft. Ailee)
* Oh My God
* Okay
* People Need the Lord (Ailee & Woo Jung Hoon)(Short)
* Reminds Me of You
Resignation (Short)
* Rollercoaster (Johnnyphlo ft. Ailee)
Saving All My Love
* Shoe Game
Slow Motion (Short)
* Stand Up For Love
The Climb
* The Lord’s Prayer (Short)
* The Prayer (Ailee & Woo Jung Hoon)
* The Storm In My Eyes (Rousseau ft. Ailee)
* Through With You
* Truth Is
* Undeniable
Whip My Hair (Short)
* White Lie (Johnnyphlo ft. Ailee)

Vivid EP
* Mind Your Own Business
* Insane
* I Love You, I Hate You
* Second Chance
* Symphony (Feat. Chancellor)
* Why Are People Like This
* Letting Go (Feat. Amber)
* Love Recipe
* Fill Your Glass
* One More Step

How much do you like Ailee?

Do you know more about Ailee? Leave us a comment!

NOTE: Please don’t transmit, or copy this without my consent or credits. I did my research for this and I hope you’ll give me credits for my effort.


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